Fundraising Campaign
Goal : $2.5 million
To purchase a CT Scanner with a Specialized Cardiac Module
Dr. Chamoun Chamoun
Cardiologist and Chief of Medicine
Fundraising Campaign
Goal : $2.5 million
To purchase a CT Scanner with a Specialized Cardiac Module
Because there’s still so much to live for!
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Fundraising Campaign For you, sweet heartTo purchase a CT Scanner with a Specialized Cardiac Module

Goal: $2.5 million

Vision: To purchase a CT Scanner with a Specialized Cardiac Module

Donate – for the love of life!

Whether you donate to ensure you receive the best treatment when the time comes, to keep your loved ones healthy, or to be a major player in the development of health services in your community, your donation will allow our teams to give more patients a comprehensive diagnosis, in record time.

Advantages of this new CT Scanner for the patient:

  • Painless, non-invasive examinations
  • Better results and more accurate diagnoses
  • Appropriate treatment prescribed in time
  • Rapid examinations that help free up the emergency department
  • Shorter recovery time
  • Shorter hospital stays
  • Better patient recovery rate

“When you arrive at the Montfort emergency room, as more than 54,000 patients do every year, no-one knows what you’re suffering from.

“A CT Scanner with a Specialized Cardiac Module will allow the emergency team to make fast diagnoses, 24 hours a day, and initiate a vital intervention as quickly as possible.”

Dr. Shaun Visser
Chief of Emergency Medicine

Why should you contribute to the For you, sweet heart Fundraising Campaign?

It’s not just about acquiring new equipment. It’s about using the latest medical technology. This scanner can save a patient’s life.

Current equipment is insufficient
Existing equipment no longer meets demand:
  • To date, too few hospitals in the region offer the community this revolutionary technology, and wait times for a CT Scan are constantly increasing;
  • Doctors and healthcare professionals at Montfort Hospital currently share a single first-generation CT Scanner to serve a population of more than 500,000 people;
  • Patients must sometimes wait several weeks to undergo an examination that will determine the severity of their condition, which in turn means delays in receiving the appropriate treatment;
  • In an emergency, patients must undergo a coronary angiogram, an invasive examination that is risky.
Access to the most advanced scanner
The CT Scanner with a Specialized Cardiac Module uses the most advanced technology that exists:
  • A simple, rapid, very precise and non-invasive examination allows doctors to diagnose deadly conditions requiring immediate intervention;
  • It allows specialists to deliver rapid, more comprehensive diagnoses to a greater number of people. We will be able to perform more than 25,900 scans a year as of the first year, and that number will increase in subsequent years;
  • It exposes patients to less radiation and thus reduces risks;
  • It is a new asset in prevention;
  • It provides a more reassuring medical experience to patients.
Savings in the medium term
This rapid and effective procedure will help:
  • Reduce patient travel and transfers;
  • Reduce wait times for the examination;
  • Shorten hospital stays;
  • Reduce the risk of post-operative complications and the readmission rate;
  • Decrease the number of ER visits;
  • Decrease the number of hospitalizations.

As members of the community, let’s commit to excellence in healthcare! Read the testimonials.

“It’s difficult for a patient to understand what’s wrong. Being able to see the problem changes everything. In fact, advanced technology helps reassure the patient and reduce their stress. A picture’s worth a thousand words, and the new CT Scanner lets you see 3D images of your own heart!

“Montfort Hospital has first-rate, renowned cardiologists on its team. This scanner is going to change lives!”

Mr. William Holland
Montfort Hospital patient